Olympic Park roads

MQT on 2015-03-25
Session date: 
March 25, 2015
Question By: 
Darren Johnson
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


You said that the Olympic Park would be a 'paradise for cyclists', so will you:

       explain why the loop road in the Olympic Park has been re-built recently without any segregated cycle lane provision?

       provide figures for the planned provision of cycle, car and coach parking connected with the West Ham Stadium?

       ensure the travel plans for events at the West Ham stadium include at least 5% of people arriving by bike?

       agree that the excellent cycle track on Waterden Road should be the blueprint for cycling provision in the rest of the Olympic Park?

       explain why the cycling provision around the Westfield Avenue of the Olympic site has become such a nightmare for cyclists who have to compete with construction lorries on the roads and outline what TfL is doing to address the problems?


Answer for Olympic Park roads

Answer for Olympic Park roads

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is being transformed and I am confident that it will be a fantastic place to walk and cycle.

Approvals for many of the roads in the area were made by the Olympic Delivery Authority before 2012 in line with the then guidelines on cycling. Standards and aspirations have risen since those times and they are now being implemented in phases. This includes the loop road, which was never intended to have segregated cycle tracks. Where there are opportunities to improve cycling facilities further, we are exploring them with London Legacy Development Corporation and its delivery partners.

For the Stadium, the planning consent includes provision of 257 car parking spaces and 30 coach spaces in the stadium car park, and 424 permanent cycling spaces for staff and visitors, both on the stadium island and in the immediate surrounding public realm. There is additional cycle parking across the Park, with over 600 spaces installed so far.

The consent for developing the Stadium includes travel plan targets to constrain private car use, and if these are not met, S106 contributions to sustainable transport will be made. I have asked TfL to send you a copy of the Travel Plan.

The Waterden Road cycle track is a good example and I would like to improve on this further and see cycle tracks with better surface quality, clearly separated from areas for pedestrians, in all parts of the Park.

It is recognised that cycle provision on Westfield Avenue is not as good as it should be and London Legacy Development Corporation has commissioned a feasibility study to remodel Westfield Avenue and Montfichet Road and potentially other roads close to the Park, to create better cycle and pedestrian provision and minimising conflict between cyclists and motor vehicles. TfL, GLA, Newham Council and other local stakeholders are on the working group for this study, which should be completed in the next two months.