Digital Maps

MQT on 2015-01-21
Session date: 
January 21, 2015
Question By: 
Murad Qureshi
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


What four bus routes are trialling the concept of digital maps & what are the initial results of take-up so far?


Answer for Digital Maps

Answer for Digital Maps

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The passenger information screens were installed under our "Innovation" workstream. A number of different technologies and formats of map and content design were trialled.

The trials kits were installed on four vehicles in total on routes 12, 360 and RV1 and are due to be removed imminently as the trial comes to an end. The systems were found to have signicant implications (weight, power and capital cost). There were also issues with visibility/viewing angles, especially on double deck vehicles, that limits the perceived benefit compared to the cost.

Given the low numbers installed and (relatively) limited numbers of passengers that will have seen them, there has not been a full quantitative or qualitative customer research programme.

Following the trials mentioned above, TfL is now looking at how a full solution could be delivered when the existing iBus system is upgraded/replaced in future years.