disabled person's railcard and linkage to Oyster

MQT on 2015-01-21
Session date: 
January 21, 2015
Question By: 
Andrew Dismore
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


A constituent has had a disabled person's railcard for many years.  For the past 6 years the constituent has been trying to get this disabled person's railcard connected to and registered for disabled discounts on travel  undertaken on Oystercard. After trying several different tube station ticket offices in the past,  the  constituent finally found one in East London that registered the Oystercard for disability discount . This expired on 1st June 2011. 

Since then the constituent has taken the disabled person's railcard and the  old Oyster photocard as proof of disability for registering  the  Oyster for disabled discounts.   At every station the constituent has been to, including after speaking to supervisors,  the  constituent has  been informed that this registration cannot be done at the tube station,  and that the  constituent should go to the post office.

However, the post office have said they cannot do it there  and that it is  a matter  for TfL.  This has caused tremendous stress and expense.  My constituent has been made to feel humiliated about asking for discount. My   constituent has even been told there was no entitlement to discount on peak travel and on travel on Oyster, and was only entitled to discount for national travel.  Eventually my constituent gave up and has ended up paying full fare for 3.5 years - not including the period before June 2010 - when only 1 member of staff over a period of 6 years knew how to do this.

My constituent   has now been on TfL's the website to find out about cheaper travel.   Having been told for so long that the railcard could not be connected to the oyster card for 30% discount my   constituent was shocked to find out that that   was right all along.  On the webpage it clearly states that by going to any tube station office a disabled person's railcard  can be connected to Oyster.

Now my   constituent has been    left with the knowledge that despite all these  efforts over the past 6 years discount  has been credited for only one year as   a result of TfL  staff not being properly trained to process disabled person's applications for discount on their Oyster.

Do you agree that  TfL  have failed in their responsibilities to my   constituent   under the Disability Discrimination Act ; what steps do you propose to take to put the matter right: and how will you resolve this in future, bearing in mind your forthcoming cuts  of ticket offices?


Answer for disabled person's railcard and linkage to Oyster

Answer for disabled person's railcard and linkage to Oyster

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Thank you for bringing this case to my attention.

The setting of a Railcard discount on an Oyster card is a long established practice at London Underground ticket offices and I am disappointed your constituent had such difficulty.

I am sure that this is an exceptional case but I have asked London Underground to remind staff that the discount can be set on Oyster cards and how this can be done.

I am aware that a goodwill gesture has been offered to your constituent along with the suggestion that she explore whether she is eligible for a Freedom Pass.

In the future, London Underground staff will be able to set all Railcard discounts at the ticket machines at stations.