London & Partners - openness and transparency

MQT on 2015-01-21
Session date: 
January 21, 2015
Question By: 
Stephen Knight
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Further to your answer to MQ2014/5119 - in which you stated that further consideration is currently being given to the possibility of London & Partners publishing further details in relation to board decision-making - would it be appropriate for London & Partners to abide by the principles of the GLA Group Corporate Governance Framework? If so, will you make this a condition of providing any future funding?


Answer for London & Partners - openness and transparency

Answer for London & Partners - openness and transparency

Answered By: 
The Mayor

While London & Partners (L&P) is not part of the GLA Group, I am keen that L&P should follow the transparency principles applied to bodies in the Group. To that end, I have set out my expectation that the new L&P funding agreement should incorporate the GLA's transparency requirements of L&P. These requirements will not mirror precisely those applied across the Group for perfectly sound commercial reasons, but the underlying principles will of course be the same.