Secondments in the GLA Group (3)

MQT on 2014-12-17
Session date: 
December 17, 2014
Question By: 
Fiona Twycross
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


What are you doing to promote secondments across the GLA Group?


Answer for Secondments in the GLA Group (3)

Answer for Secondments in the GLA Group (3)

Answered By: 
The Mayor

GLA response

Currently there is a joint project being undertaken between the GLA's Resourcing and Internal Communications team with the Head of Recruitment for TfL on ways in which secondment opportunities can be communicated across the GLA Group.  It is expected this will be rolled out during 2015.

The GLA advertises any potential GLA Group secondment opportunities when we are notified of the opening by the functional body. GLA staff are free to apply for such opportunities.

TfL response

The Head of Recruitment for Transport for London and the Resourcing and Internal Communications team at the GLA are currently working on a method of regularly communicating opportunities across the GLA group. 

LFEPA response

Any requests to advertise vacancies from other functional bodies are added to the LFB intranet where there is a dedicated page for secondments to the GLA family group. The LFB has a secondment policy which recognises that secondments offer valuable opportunities for employees and scope for organisational development.

MOPAC response

Secondments within MOPAC are arranged at a local level, including the selection of the member of staff. Vacancies are also advertised on the MOPAC website, which GLA staff have access to.

Details of appropriate vacancies are sent to MPS Secondments so that they can be advertised within the Force.

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