Stalkers Register (Supplementary) [1]

Session date: 
December 17, 2014
Question By: 
Andrew Boff
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Regarding all of the civil and criminal protective orders that are available to the justice system for pursuing stalkers and those who have committed domestic violence, none of those measures imposes a positive obligation on the perpetrator to attend any treatment programmes or notify police when they change name, move to a different area, travel abroad or indeed form new relationships.  If you are on the Violent and Sex Offender Register (ViSOR), that is something that is dealt with and it gives an opportunity to the agencies involved with that list of being able to take some action, for example, by informing a new partner that somebody has a conviction for perhaps domestic violence or for stalking.  Currently, there is no mechanism to allow that to happen.


I hope that you would agree that this does need to change and we do need to protect the public from persistent stalkers and from people who have committed domestic violence in previous relationships.

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Answer for Stalkers Register (Supplementary) [1]

Answer for Stalkers Register (Supplementary) [1]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

As far as domestic violence convictions go, the ViSOR system should help to disseminate information about previous convictions to the relevant authorities.  What you are really saying is whether we should add stalking to the system.


Andrew Boff AM:  Yes, domestic abuse - forgive me - that does not involve violence or a conviction for violence will not be on that list, nor harassment.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  It has to involve a conviction, though, has it not?


Andrew Boff AM:  It has to involve a conviction but, as you have established, for example, there is no obligation for any future programmes or notification if a stalker comes to a new area.  There is no obligation or way in which the local authorities can then be aware of that.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  Yes.  In principle, I am very supportive of this.  If you can crack down on this kind of thing, you will help protect them - and it is overwhelmingly women and girls - from violence and abuse and perhaps from even more serious offences.  I am with you, Andrew, but I am going to wait and see what the investigations say.


Andrew Boff AM:  I understand, Mr Mayor, but I am heartened by your recognition that the Paladin service is performing a very, very valuable function.  I am also asking for something that is not bureaucratic.  I am not asking for the creation of a new list; merely the change of categories for lists that already occur.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  Yes, you want to add a category of people to the existing list.


Andrew Boff AM:  Exactly.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  One of the other issues that we have to deal with is this whole issue of cyberstalking, online abuse and online harassment.  To what extent do people convicted of that get added to this kind of list?  All of that needs to be properly thought about and debated.  I am instinctively sympathetic to keeping tabs on people who could pose a very serious threat.


Andrew Boff AM:  Thank you, Mr Mayor.  Thank you, Chair.