MPS commercial programme

Plenary on 2014-12-09
Session date: 
December 9, 2014
Question By: 
Joanne McCartney
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
the Mayor and Police Commissioner


In a letter from the Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police to John Biggs as Chair of the Budget and Performance Committee dated 3rd November, it is stated that the MPS is looking to see if it can compete in the areas of "Corporate Real Estate, Transport Services, Business Support Services, Logistics, ICT Services, Command and Control, and Criminal Justice". Can you detail which specific functions under each of these headings are being considered?


Answer for MPS commercial programme

Answer for MPS commercial programme

Answered By: 
the Mayor and Police Commissioner

There is a planned programme of action for the Commercial Programme:


Corporate Real Estate - building/facilities management were competed in 2013/14 and a new operating model has been introduced from April 2014 to deal with day to day building maintenance and repair issues.


Transport - an outline business case was approved by DMPC in November.


Command and Control – this is technical support, a contract was awarded to Lockheed Martin in 2014


Decisions on other aspects of the commercial programme are anticipated shortly.