Violent Crime in London


Andrew Boff AM:  Thank you, Mr Mayor.  I mean you will forgive us for concentrating on this particular area because our job as Assembly Members is to see where it is going wrong, not where it is often going right.  While the decline in overall reported crime is welcome, it is disturbing that we have these particular categories increasing.


I wondered if you would be supportive of the recommendations in a report published by the Greater London Authority (GLA) Conservatives in June called On the Wagon, whereby we wanted to see a doubling of the penalty notice for drunk and disorderly behaviour from £90 to £180.  Would you be supportive of that?


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  That sounds interesting.  If that would make a big difference to this kind of crime I would certainly be willing to look at that.  As you know, one of the things we have tried is the alcohol detector anklets that we are trialling out in Croydon I think to stop people drinking again and being responsible again for domestic abuse.  It may be that such a measure would be useful also in fighting domestic VWI because we think that the increase in reporting of domestic VWI is responsible for about 25% of this spike that we are seeing.  Anyway, I am very happy to look at it.