Violent Crime in London

Plenary on 2014-12-09
Session date: 
December 9, 2014
Question By: 
Tony Arbour
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
Boris Johnson


Whilst recorded crime continues to decrease, ‘Violence with Injury’ has seen a considerable increase this year. What measures are the Metropolitan Police taking to reduce violent crime?


Answer for Violent Crime in London

Answer for Violent Crime in London

Answered By: 
Boris Johnson

As I think I indicated earlier, this is an area that we are looking at very actively and there are a number of potential explanations that I think it would be fair to say that the MPS is considering.  I mean it is worth setting the context, when you look at VWI, this is not related to, for instance, stabbings, it is not related to gun crime, or rather those are not in the figures, those are both falling.  Homicide continues to fall.  Of the potential explanations, I think the ones I would mention include greater reporting of domestic VWI and a change in the notification, I believe, or a change in the system of notification, is one of the reasons that has been given to me for the possible explanation.

The other is simply that there is low-level violence taking place in town centres associated particularly with alcohol and the perpetrators aged typically between 26 and 41.  The injuries are not severe by and large and I would stress that, although there is a spike, the levels are still below what they were in 2008/09.  Clearly, it remains a cause of concern and a great deal of activity going on by the MPS to knock it on the head.