Meeting London's Current and Future Policing Needs


Murad Qureshi AM:  Mr Mayor, you can say that but I can give you instances where people have been burgled and whereas before they have gone to a local police station they have ended up going to the other end of the borough in Belgravia to pursue their insurance claims.  I am not sure that is offering the residential parts of Westminster the service that they may get in other parts of town.  That is the premise of my question.  Can I also move on to --


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  If you have particular evidence of people having to travel a great distance to get to police station, obviously we will look at that.  As I said in my earlier answer, it is difficult for me to describe the kind of provision that people have in that part of the city off the top of my head but we would be more than happy to come back with greater detail.