Longest S and Longest I Calls: Barnet 4

MQT on 2014-11-19
Session date: 
November 19, 2014
Question By: 
Andrew Dismore
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


For October 2014 in Barnet, what was the longest 3 waits for a response to an S call and longest 3 waits for a response to an I call?


Answer for Longest S and Longest I Calls: Barnet 4

Answer for Longest S and Longest I Calls: Barnet 4

Answered By: 
The Mayor


CAD 5192/20OCT (121 minutes)

Caller stated that female had been assaulted by her mother.  The Call was circulated and a unit assigned within 2 minutes of the call. The unit did not provide a time of arrival and resulted via their Mobile data terminal but then went off duty.  This therefore showed an extended and incorrect Time of Arrival. The CAD was resulted as a Non crime domestic report.

CAD 4401/06OCT (73.37 Minutes)

Call regarding theft of property. At the time of this call there were also 2 outstanding 'Immediate' response calls. This was then passed to the Patrol Sergeant and surrounding boroughs in an attempt to find a unit. The informant then left the location and travelled to Enfield which resulted in a delay in attending. The call was a civil dispute.

CAD 9402/01OCT (56.42 Minutes)

Broken down bus on a fast road therefore traffic units must deal as per fast road policy. Traffic unit assigned within 4 minutes with a travelling time from Palmers Green.  There was heavy traffic which resulted in a long response time for the traffic unit assigned.


CAD 10827/24OCT (1188.03 minutes)

 Allegation of Criminal Damage.  The call was circulated however all units were dealing with a stabbing and a high risk missing person.  The Informant was happy for police to attend the following morning to report.  At this point a technical time of arrival  should have been added to stop the clock but this was not done which caused the long response time. The call was resulted in a crime report for Criminal damage. 

CAD 9682/20OCT (1094.59 minutes)

Caller reporting their window had been smashed.   Informant later called back requesting an appointment.  An appointment was then made for the informant and the time of arrival given was when officers arrived on scene for the appointment.  This was resulted as a crime report for Criminal damage.

CAD 8179/15OCT (1003.19 minutes)

Man bitten by a dog. Units were assigned but required to divert to higher priority calls.  Informant contacted and requested to see police in the following evening to report via an appointment.  The time of arrival given is for when the officers arrived on scene for the appointment. Call resulted as a crime report for Dangerous dog offences.