TFL work on Colney Hatch Lane to Muswell Hill

MQT on 2014-10-22
Session date: 
October 22, 2014
Question By: 
Andrew Dismore
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


I have had a number of complaints from Barnet residents about the  inaccessibility of  busses  and inaccessibly of routes to schools as many Barnet parents close to the border use Haringey schools due to these works. An  88 year old lady  in Wetherill road N10 is having to use mini cabs she can ill afford because of the lack of bus service. Why cannot  at least a hopper bus be  run from Friern Barnet community library (the Barnet terminus) to the Haringey border, or a shuttle bus via Trott road to Muswell Hill? Why did local Barnet councillors have no notification from TfL about these works and the impact on residents of their  wards? Which residential roads in Barnet had notification? do you think this issue has been well handled by TfL?


Answer for TFL work on Colney Hatch Lane to Muswell Hill

Answer for TFL work on Colney Hatch Lane to Muswell Hill

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The carriageway renewal works are on behalf of Haringey Council, whose responsibility it is to notify councillors and local residents about the works.  Bus route diversions were agreed following detailed discussions with the council, with appropriate information regarding the diversions included on all affected bus stops.  Five routes were diverted, including routes 43 and 134 for the duration of the works and routes 102, 234 and 299 for phase 1 of the works (due for completion in late October). An additional three buses have been introduced temporarily on route 234 to increase capacity on Coppetts Road, which runs parallel and to the west of Colney Hatch Lane. 

Unfortunately, following investigation, side roads to the east of Colney Hatch Lane are not suitable for a bus service.