Airport Expansion

MQT on 2014-10-22
Session date: 
October 22, 2014
Question By: 
Tony Arbour
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Sensible opponents of Heathrow expansion recognise the need to make the case for an alternative. With this is mind, do you agree with the Deputy Prime Minister when he says "I just don't think it makes sense to say you're never going to have a single metre of extra concrete anywhere, in any runway anywhere in the United Kingdom"?


Answer for Airport Expansion

Answer for Airport Expansion

Answered By: 
The Mayor

It has been clear to me for some time that there is an urgent need for new runway capacity serving London and the south east. Demand for air travel is forecast to more than double to 2050. However, new runways need to be in the right place. They need to facilitate hub airport operations and they need keep the very severe adverse environmental impacts of airports to a minimum.

Our international hub airport rivals in Frankfurt and Paris are already operating four runways. Amsterdam Schiphol is completing its sixth runway with land reserved for a seventh. These airports have a superior offer, and are better able to attract international traffic and trade. This is damaging our economic well-being. Despite the Airports Commission's decision not to shortlist a new four runway hub airport, I am in no doubt that this is by far the best solution to our long term capacity crisis.