Cardiff Model

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The Mayor
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Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  We have not yet had responses from all the Trusts that we wrote to.  Caroline, I think you have a copy of the letter I wrote anyway.


Caroline Pidgeon MBE AM:  I have seen that, yes.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  It is fairly straightforward.  It makes the point that it would be a huge benefit to London if we had more data about what is happening in the A&Es and what kinds of injuries they are treating.  When we get all those responses back, obviously we will share them with you.


Caroline Pidgeon MBE AM:   Lovely.  You may well have to have a roundtable to really thrash this out because this has been going on for so long.  I welcome your support and commitment to achieving this, which will help reduce violent crime in London.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  Thank you.