Postgraduate Students Living in London

MQT on 2014-09-17
Session date: 
September 17, 2014
Question By: 
Navin Shah
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Given that a major strand of the LEP's work is in relation to further education, what plans does the mayor have in place to ensure that young people, especially postgraduates, can afford to study for degrees in the capital in a manner that does not lead them spiralling into debt, thereby keeping talent in London?


Answer for Postgraduate Students Living in London

Answer for Postgraduate Students Living in London

Answered By: 
The Mayor

London's higher education sector is a key partner in delivering the LEP's work. Adequate and affordable student accommodation is vital to continuing to attract the brightest and best. This is particularly so for sustaining a vibrant PhD and post-doctorate research community. This is why I have identified student accommodation in my London Plan, requiring boroughs to work with stakeholders across the city to provide accommodation. The Government, through Student Finance England loans, continues to recognise the higher costs of living in the capital. London continues to offer students clear career advantages, including close proximity to world leading companies and a globally respected higher education brand.

TfL also offer an 18+ Student Oyster, which provides 30% off the price of adult-rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Passes for those in full time education.