Data on rickets

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The Mayor


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  I have been trying to get the data on rickets.  I know that Victoria [Victoria Borwick AM, Deputy Mayor] has been looking at this and I do not have specific data on rickets here today.  What I can tell you is that we are obviously aware of the problems that Londoners who are suffering from food poverty are facing; and we supporting all sorts of schemes, including the Healthy Start programme to get people on low incomes vouchers for fruit and milk and so forth.  50% of London schools have signed up for the Healthy Schools London programme to make sure that they have good food at school.  Then I draw your attention  to all the other measures that we are putting in place, not least what Rosie Boycott [Chair, London Food] is doing through the Capital Growth Initiative to support the growing of food in London, and then all the other things to support people on low incomes generally.  There is no question that there is a problem, but the actual numbers of those admitted for malnutrition fell by 4% this year. 

Fiona Twycross AM:  OK.  I would welcome a copy of those figures because that is at variance with the national trend.