Supporting Green Jobs (1)

MQT on 2014-06-11
Session date: 
June 11, 2014
Question By: 
Murad Qureshi
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


In your manifesto you stated that estimated 14,000 jobs could be created annually in London as part of low carbon economic activity. Please detail how many jobs have been created in the low carbon sector for each year of your mayoralty?


Answer for Supporting Green Jobs (1)

Answer for Supporting Green Jobs (1)

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Figures from reports I have published that quantify the size and nature of the Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services (LCEGS) sector show that employment in the sector has risen from 149,518 in 2008/09 to 163,672 in 2011/12, see

This illustrates that the sector has actually created 14,154 new jobs in the four years between 2008/09-2011/12 that we have data for.