Crystal Palace project consultation

MQT on 2014-03-19
Session date: 
March 19, 2014
Question By: 
Darren Johnson
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


The consultation process for the masterplan for Crystal Palace Park included: 228,000 copies of Park News delivered through doors and 24,000 by post to stakeholders; 3,000 people attended workshops including 300 people at 13 black and ethnic minority group workshops.  There were an average of 1,000 unique visitors to the Crystal Palace Park website each month and over 3,000 schoolchildren and 250 parents were involved in the schools consultation.  280 individuals and organisations were involved as members of the dialogue process, taking part in regular meetings. In addition, smaller working groups included the museum task group and sports working group, as well as special workshops.  This extensive consultation was undertaken to ensure the masterplan that was submitted for planning approval reflected local views as much as possible.

By comparison, the fairly minimal consultation process being undertaken for the Crystal Palace Park project has been poorly organised, attracting a lot of animosity and bad will among local residents and community groups. Drop-in sessions and the questionnaire have given only superficial opportunities to feed into the proposals to date, and continue to offer very little information about what is actually proposed. The designs are being drawn up in a private architectural competition, and the community have been told they won't be able to feed in to the design and decision making processes. This is particularly important given that the new proposals would not only affect the park, and deviate significantly from the agreed masterplan, but also have much greater impacts on the wider economy, transport network, ecology, house prices and more.

As Chair of the Advisory Board for the Crystal Palace Project, will you now commit to undertaking a consultation process that is at least as extensive as that for the park masterplan, informed by robust work on the local economy, transport network and ecology, before the ZhongRong Group submit their planning application?


Answer for Crystal Palace project consultation

Answer for Crystal Palace project consultation

Answered By: 
The Mayor

As this is a proposal from the private sector, a team from Arup is leading on engagement activity on behalf of the developer and is being supported by advice and input from my officers. I am extremely encouraged that people are engaging so actively with the ongoing consultation process. I'm keen to see something that balances public appeal, facilities and attractions with the need to ensure the ongoing commercial sustainability of the building.

The Jury Panel - formed of members of my Advisory Board and other advisors - will provide ZRG with recommendations on the design selection process and the nature of the proposed building's cultural offer.  During the third stage of the process, it is Arup's intention that the public have the opportunity to discuss the emerging ideas with the 3 shortlisted artists. Public feedback will be passed onto the Advisory Board and ZRG. The architect competition process is primarily to select an architect to join the team. One of the criteria used in selecting the architect is their ability to engage with and respond to the public and key stakeholders.  The selection of the architect is therefore only the start of the design process and, as the scheme is developed further, the public will of course be able to provide further comments.

More events will be scheduled by Arup in due course. There is also a website - where visitors can complete a questionnaire which includes space to comment or ask questions. It is in the developers interest to ensure that a full and inclusive consultation process allowing views to be shared on the full range of issues has been followed prior to the submission of a planning application and my officers are working closely with Bromley and Arup to ensure this is the case. Stakeholders will of course have the opportunity to comment during the formal planning application process.