Ultra Low Emission Zone (Supplementary) [1]

Session date: 
March 19, 2014
Question By: 
Jenny Jones
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Mr Mayor, I thought you had told some of these boroughs that they would have to set up their own LEZ areas, however from what you have just said it sounds as if you have not done that; therefore, when you consult on your scheme will you include the option for boroughs to opt in to your LEZ scheme rather than create their own?

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Answer for Ultra Low Emission Zone (Supplementary) [1]

Answer for Ultra Low Emission Zone (Supplementary) [1]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Yes.  You are asking a question about this later on, Jenny, however through you, Chair, I will just say that I am happy to work with any borough interested on how to develop and extend the ULEZ. 


Jenny Jones AM:  That is absolutely brilliant.  I would challenge you on your definition of “work with”, however perhaps we can leave that for another time.  My problem is your ULEZ would only deal with 7% of the main roads that are very heavily polluted.  Now 7% just is not very much and, although it is something, expansion of the scheme would obviously have much more impact.  You talked about it being unfair on businesses and that sort of thing, however I think it is unfair that some people pollute the air so badly that other people’s health is damaged, to me that is a bigger unfairness, and you as Mayor of London care about the health of Londoners.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  I am, and that is why we are bringing in these very aggressive series of measures and that is why I am pleased that, if you look at the pollutants that we have in this city, they have come down so dramatically thus far, and we will go on.


Jenny Jones AM:  This is not an aggressive set.  You are putting off the LEZ; you are putting it off for another six years.  Six years.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  Sorry, it did not exist, the ULEZ was devised by us, it has not been put off, it has been put in.


Jenny Jones AM:  Based on what you are more or less planning, it could be done very, very quickly.  You are delaying this, you are harming the health of Londoners by doing this.  Therefore you really need to speed up.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  I obviously do not accept that criticism because I think that we have put in a lot of measures.  There are other cities in Europe that have worse air quality than London and --


Jenny Jones AM:  You cannot deal with those other cities; your job is here in London.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  They are relevant comparators and we have reduced ‑‑


Jenny Jones AM:  Yes, and we are often more polluted than Paris.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  ‑‑ nitrous oxide by 20% and PM 10s and PM 2.5s ‑‑


Jenny Jones AM:  And Beijing.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  ‑‑ by 15%, we have put the cleanest bus on the streets of London, we have a programme to have zero tailpipe emission taxis, and we are putting in an ULEZ.  That will radically transform the air quality in the centre of London by 2020.  You cannot tell millions of people who own cars; I know you basically want to ban the private car and you --

Jenny Jones AM:  Do not tell me what I want.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  You always tell me what I want.


Jenny Jones AM:  You are talking nonsense.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  You are always imputing beliefs to me.  Let me tell you, as far as I understand it, you have an absolutely manic hostility to the internal combustion engine and private motor vehicles ‑‑


Jenny Jones AM:  Could you stop our clock please because he is talking nonsense.


Boris Johnson (Mayor of London):  ‑‑ and private motor vehicles.


Jenny Jones AM:  He is just droning.

Darren Johnson AM (Chair):  Thank you.