Protecting homes (2)

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The Mayor


The important distinction I want to make, though, is that Prime Minister David Cameron is talking about relief and not protection.  I am sure that when the time comes you can take up Ed Balls’ [Shadow Chancellor] offer of a Labour Government making investments in flood defence after May 2015, which is what a lot of Londoners want.

In the vanishingly improbable event of Ed Balls having anything to do with supplying the cash, I will certainly consider it.


In the meantime, what we have is the national flood budget to protect properties at risk.  Patently, as you rightly say, Murad, there are properties in London that are at risk and we are going to do our best to ensure they are adequately protected.  One of the interesting things is that so far a lot of the homes that were allegedly built on floodplains and so on have not yet been affected, but there is absolutely no cause for complacency.