Cycle Safety at Advanced Stop Lines

MQT on 2014-02-26
Session date: 
February 26, 2014
Question By: 
Caroline Pidgeon
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


A cyclist has contacted me complaining about mopeds and motorbikes entering Advanced Stop Line cycle boxes. What are you going to do about abuse of these boxes by motorists? Will you consider CCTV as a possible deterrent for those occasions where police officers are not present?


Answer for Cycle Safety at Advanced Stop Lines

Answer for Cycle Safety at Advanced Stop Lines

Answered By: 
The Mayor

I have already undertaken a wide range of activities to prevent misuse by motorists of cyclist advanced stop lines (ASLs). TfL launched a 'road safety tips' campaign in the summer of 2013 directed at motorists and cyclists, on billboards, buses and online. The full list of messages can be seen at One of the tips concerned the correct use of ASLs.

Building on this campaign, TfL funded officers from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and City of London Police (CoLP) undertook a seven-week campaign at multiple sites across London. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the importance of ASLs and the penalties for contravening them, engaging with thousands of motorists using flyers produced by TfL. Following this campaign, the police felt that awareness was sufficiently high to step up enforcement of ASLs, as seen during Operation Safeway, where more than 2,500 officers were mobilised to improve road user behaviour and enforce the rules of the road. Enforcement of ASLs has been mainstreamed by London's police services to increase safety for vulnerable road users, and will form an integral part of future Operation Safeway-style operations.