Stable tenancies

Plenary on 2014-01-15
Session date: 
January 15, 2014
Question By: 
Darren Johnson
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
Boris Johnson (Chairman, LLDC) & Dennis Hone (Chief Executive, LLDC)


Will you try to ensure that all private landlords who own properties on the park offer tenants the option of longer tenancies with the possibility of predictable rent increases?


Answer for Stable tenancies

Answer for Stable tenancies

Answered By: 
Boris Johnson (Chairman, LLDC) & Dennis Hone (Chief Executive, LLDC)


As part of accelerated delivery of East Wick and Sweetwater the LLDC will be introducing a significant proportion of Private Rented Sector (PRS) housing.  The delivery of purpose built PRS through institutional investment provides an opportunity to explore the aims set out in my Housing Covenant, in particular greater transparency and choice for tenants including the length of tenancies, terms and conditions in tenancy agreements and certainty of future rent increases.  This will be subject to negotiations with the future development partner of these neighbourhoods, which the LLDC is currently procuring with a view to appoint later this autumn.