Race claims against the police

MQT on 2013-12-18
Session date: 
December 18, 2013
Question By: 
Andrew Dismore
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor



Further to your answer to Question No: 532 / 2013:

 “The information below relates to Employment Tribunal claims, giving total compensation paid in relation to employment tribunal claims which include allegations of race discrimination.


Compensatory awards determined by the Tribunal after liability and remedies hearings.            Settlements agreed between parties after hearing

 Compensation agreed between parties after liability only hearing (not determined by the Tribunal).   Out of court settlements

Compensation paid in settlement of claims compromised before a tribunal hearing and without admission of liability.

2009 / 10              £7,777   £0           £61,100

2010 / 11              £2,000   £7,500   £80,500

2011 / 12              £0           £0           £32,478

2012/13                £0           £0           £5,000

 The financial compensation detailed above was paid to 23 Claimants in respect of 32 claims. The breakdown by workforce category is as follows:

 15 Police Officers received financial compensation in relation to 23 claims

  • 4 members of Police Staff received financial compensation in relation to 5 claims.
  • 2 Police Community Support Officers received financial compensation in relation to 2 claims,
  • 1 member of the Metropolitan Special Constabulary received financial compensation in relation to 1 claim
  • 1 member of the public received financial compensation in relation to 1 claim.

 In addition, 2 further claims (1 lodged by a Police Officer and 1 by a member of police staff) were settled on a non-financial basis. The following information relates to Race Actions brought by members of the public:

                 Settlements       Awards Number of settled claims

2009/10                £76,500 0              8

2010/11                £47,240 0              5

2011/12                £200,250              0              11

2012/13                £145,500              0              9

As I have said before, any incident of racism is one too many.  My DMPC and the Commissioner know how seriously I take this and are implementing measures to continue to improve the MPS, including through recruiting more officers from ethnic minorities as part of my commitment to have a force that looks more like London.”

Why did it take from February to November  to give me a reply? Have you read my letter in response to this answer? Has any disciplinary action been taken in respect of any of these cases, and if so, how many; and if so was anyone dismissed; and if so was anyone demoted? Did any of the settlements include a”no publicity” clause to prevent the victims speaking out about their experiences?


Answer for Race claims against the police

Answer for Race claims against the police

Answered By: 
The Mayor

I have seen your letter and a response addressing the points raised was sent to you on 19 December 2013.