Hampstead police station 2

MQT on 2013-12-18
Session date: 
December 18, 2013
Question By: 
Andrew Dismore
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Further to Question No: 2013/3683

"Will you will undertake not to dispose of Hampstead Police Station until an alternative and suitable base reserved for police officers has been identified in the locality?"

and your answer :  "In accordance with what was set out in the public access documents for Camden in March 2013, the station has now closed and the disposal is currently being finalised.  There continue to be a number of bases throughout Camden at which Police Officers are based. In line with my public access promise and commitment to put bobbies before buildings, Police Officers now spend the majority of their time out in their local community and not stuck behind a desk. Local contact points are being identified as per my response to MQ 3682 / 2013." and Question No: 2013/4166 "Has an alternative and suitable base reserved for police officers now been identified in the locality and if so where is it?"

Will you now answer this question substantively?


Answer for Hampstead police station 2