Police station closures 2

MQT on 2013-12-18
Session date: 
December 18, 2013
Question By: 
Andrew Dismore
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Further to your answer to Question No: 2013/4158

"A constituent recently met a Hong Kong Chinese tourist who had just arrived from the airport on her first day ever in Britain on 5 October, when she was conned out of a lot of money on the street, by an elaborate con involving someone posing as a plain-clothes policeman, complete with fake id card. She was upset by this, but even more so by the response she got when she immediately reported the crime to Paddington police station:

a) They told her that because they were so busy she would have to wait an hour. This upset her rather than gave her the support she needed after being robbed, and meant the conmen would be long gone from the area

b) They didn't take any detail of what had happened, so she felt they weren't taking such crime directed at tourists seriously.

c)Police processes didn't seem geared to tourists eg they didn't give her a detailed report for her insurance company abroad, they didn't appreciate that she wouldn't have a London phone  number except a hotel number, or be in any one place for more than a day, or be in the country for more than a week or so.

How would you explain this poor response to future Chinese tourists who you consider to be important are to the London economy? And is this not yet another example of the consequences of your short sighted police cuts? Will you undertake to take this issue up with the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and subsequently write to me addressing each of these points?"

Your answer being:

"I have passed the details outlined above to the Commissioner's office who will be writing to you separately."  When can I expect to hear from the Commissioner's office?


Answer for Police station closures 2

Answer for Police station closures 2

Answered By: 
The Mayor

I understand Assistant Commissioner Simon Byrne wrote to you in response to MQ 4158/2013 on 5 December.