Mayor's Oral Update (Supplementary) [5]

Session date: 
October 23, 2013
Question By: 
Jenny Jones
City Hall Greens


Mr Mayor, none of us wants to see deaths and injuries on the road and I have been a fan of Cycle Superhighways for many years and so I want to see them safe.  I am glad to hear you say as you did in your opening remarks that you want to make them as safe as you possibly can, but there are some Cycle Superhighways that are coming on stream at the moment that are not as safe as they can be.

I would like to draw your attention to one.  You might not know the detail, but I can just explain.  It is an area that is quite near my house, so I know it quite well.  It is the Peckham Road.  It is 30 miles‑an‑hour, so it has a lot of lorries and vans and some quite stressed motorists who want to get to places quickly, so it is a fairly difficult road anyway.  The cycle lane along it, which is going to be Cycle Superhighway 5, actually has bits that are mandatory and then it becomes advisory and then, at a quite difficult junction, it becomes a wobbly white line and it is not anything in particular.  This has not, I gather, been started yet.

I am just asking you now.  Will you look at these?  Will you at least, perhaps, cycle the route and see for yourself?  I will happily come with you but I know you do not like cycling with me.

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Answer for Mayor's Oral Update (Supplementary) [5]

Answer for Mayor's Oral Update (Supplementary) [5]

I do like cycling with you, Jenny.  That is such nonsense.  The last time we all went cycling together, you took us on the wrong route.  You claimed to know the way to Elephant and Castle and we got hopelessly lost and then it all turned out to be some complicated left-wing ambush.

You have campaigned on it for many years and you are right about Cycle Superhighways.  I do think they are a big net benefit to the system.  They are there to stay.  We are going to keep improving them.  We are going to keep running them out.  Yes, obviously, there are things we can learn.  There are ways we can do things better.

I am conscious, by the way, of the particular controversy that you are raising this morning.  I know this discussion.  It is active.  It is live now in TfL.  I cannot give you any guarantees about any particular solution that we are going to adopt there, but we will do our level best to make it as safe as we possibly can