Mayor's Oral Update (Supplementary) [4]

Session date: 
October 23, 2013
Question By: 
John Biggs
Labour Group


On CS2, there is the space on the highway to provide for segregation and I think that that would make sense.  I am particularly struck by the comment by the coroner which was uttered by others, including myself, separately that CS2 with its design creates a false sense of safety or security for cyclists who see the blue markings as an indication that they have been thought about and that they have the right of way when, in some circumstances, they do not and the capacity on the highway itself just is not there to make it safe for them.  I think that is a very serious matter and we need to urgently respond to it.

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Answer for Mayor's Oral Update (Supplementary) [4]

Answer for Mayor's Oral Update (Supplementary) [4]

I totally accept that.  The way you have framed the dilemma is completely right.  The dilemma is whether we could have a system in London where on lots of these roads - and CS2 is an example - you created a segregated cycle lane.  Certainly, what I will undertake is that we will continue to look at what the coroner has said and what the police have said about this particular city.

The difficulty is that you take away a huge amount of road space and you perhaps do not even deliver the safety improvements that you desire because, speaking as a daily cyclist, one of the problems that I think many fulltime cyclists have with the segregated option is that actually they do not always use the segregated gullies.  I am not convinced that it would be the knockout solution that some people suggest it would be.