Step Free Access for Outer London Stations

MQT on 2013-10-23
Session date: 
October 23, 2013
Question By: 
Navin Shah
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


What strategy there is in TfL's business plan to prioritise step free access for Outer London stations which seem to have been neglected?


Answer for Step Free Access for Outer London Stations

Answer for Step Free Access for Outer London Stations

Answered By: 
The Mayor

It is not, in fact, the case that outer London stations have been neglected - the majority of the 66 stations on the Tube that currently have step-free access are in zones 3-6.  This is one reason why investment in step-free access schemes on the Tube is currently focused on key interchange stations where such schemes can provide the greatest benefit for the largest numbers of customers.

Of course I want to see step-free access introduced at additional outer London stations too.  As set out in its 'Your Accessible Transport Network' document, TfL is committed to providing step-free access at a further 27 Overground and Underground stations by 2021/22, and many of these are Outer London stations. TfL is continuing to look for other opportunities and to identify affordable step-free schemes.

One such opportunity in terms of National Rail stations is the further £103 million the government has recently announced in Access for All funding for England and Wales. TfL is already working to identify which of its stations it could nominate, and will provide further information once it is available. Details of the step-free access schemes that are being delivered by Network Rail with previous rounds of Access for All funding are available on the Network Rail website.

Of course, TfL's accessibility improvements go beyond making stations step-free, and other infrastructure improvements have been made across the network. There are now 370 wide aisle gates installed across 184 stations, whilst manual boarding ramps have been rolled out at 35 stations, including many in 'Outer London'. Tactile paving has also been installed on the vast majority of Tube station platforms.