Portas Pilots

MQT on 2013-09-11
Session date: 
September 11, 2013
Question By: 
Stephen Knight
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Following on from your answer to question 1864/2012, have the Portas Pilots in Lewisham, Lambeth and Tower Hamlets been successful?


Answer for Portas Pilots

Answer for Portas Pilots

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Written response from the Mayor Two of the pilots (in Lambeth and Tower Hamlets) are still live and scheduled for completion by the end of this financial year and I will be happy to provide an update then.

The Forest Hill, Sydenham and Kirkdale pilot has been hugely successful. For example a temporary community hub that opened during the Christmas period last year achieved thousands of pounds in sales from 27 different local makers and artists and now a permanent tenant has taken on the unit to host events, hold workshops and house a temporary library. Elsewhere, 5 shops were renovated as pop up shops, which included a fashion store, a butchery and a shop specialising in recycled furniture. 2 of these found permanent tenancies as a result of their trial run.

Also, 9 markets were held offering over 100 trading opportunities at 5 markets held in the SEE3 area and supported a further 5 start -up businesses. Traders have also gone on to secure pop up shops and restaurants and one of the traders has won Lewisham Council's 'Young Trader of the Year 2013'.

The Portas Pilots are only one strand of the work the GLA is doing to revitalise London's high streets,