Mayor's Oral Update

MQT on 2013-06-19
Session date: 
June 19, 2013
Question By: 
Darren Johnson
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Darren Johnson (Chair): The Mayor [of London, Boris Johnson] will provide an oral update of up to five minutes on matters occurring since the publication of his report and once the Mayor has provided the update - and I note two groups have submitted requests of matters that they would like the Mayor to raise - we will then take supplementary questions on the update before we move on to the other questions on the Priority Order Paper.


Answer for Mayor's Oral Update

Answer for Mayor's Oral Update

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): I would like of course first to echo your congratulations to all those associated with the Greater London Authority (GLA) who received Honours [in the Queen's Birthday Honours list].

In the last month we have set out a 2020 Vision for the city, which is an attempt to respond to the very great challenges that London faces, particularly the demographic challenge, the housing need that that imposes upon us, the infrastructure demands that we will have to satisfy, everything we will need to do to continue to lengthen London's lead as the greatest city on earth. We will not be bringing forward infrastructure plans to supplement that vision and, of course as the Assembly readily understands the difference between a plan and a vision, and I look forward to the conversation we are going to have; I know that we are going to have a special Plenary meeting [24 July 2013] on that document later on.

We have launched a pilot for small food businesses to get them going in London so that start-ups can enjoy the benefit of the £17 billion London food economy, and I congratulate Rosie Boycott [Chair, London Food Board] on her work in that area.

We have signed a very big new deal for London at Silvertown Quay, or rather we have confirmed the £1.5 billion deal to transform Silvertown Quay in London's Royal Docks into a new innovation quarter destination for global brands to see how that goes.

We are redeveloping the police training centre, the Peel Centre, there are going to be 1,650 new homes, cycle routes, retail units, primary school and a nursery as well as a substantial amount of green open space.

We have launched the RE:FIT Schools energy efficiency programme, which is designed to help schools save about £32 million by making their premises more energy efficient and reducing their output of CO2 and simultaneously creating about 175 jobs and many more apprenticeship opportunities.

The Labour Group has asked for an update on the study that Gerard Lyons [Chief Economic Advisor, GLA] is doing into European Union (EU) membership and specifically what the role of the Assembly will be. I think it is a very good idea for this place to be as well informed as it possibly can be about the specific implications for London of EU membership. As you will know, I am in favour of remaining within the single market, I think it is the right thing and I think we need to be part of a great international trading arrangement, but not necessarily at any price, and I want to see a proper calibration of the pros and cons, I think it is a reasonable thing to do, and the Assembly will be of course consulted. The Assembly has every opportunity to contribute to the report, in particularly the Economy Committee, and I know that Gerard has already written to the Secretariat to begin a discussion.

Finally, the Green Group has asked about making London a zero-hunger city. Why was it not in the 2020 Vision, is basically I think what you want to know. For one reason or other, that particular phrase did not get into the Vision, it does not mean that we do not support the objective, Jenny, and it is of course part of what we are trying to do through many of our programmes, not least Magic Breakfast, educating people about the importance of good nutrition. That concludes my report.