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MQT on 2013-05-22
Session date: 
May 22, 2013
Question By: 
Andrew Dismore
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Further to your answer to question No: 514 / 2013 do you agree that the consultation was seriously inadequate? For example hundreds of passenger trips are taken by pupils at Queen Elizabeth Boys School which were completely ignored, as were householders at the start of and beyond the Arkley terminus. The change has created a safety issue as the boys, who formerly did not need to cross the main road, now pour across the road at the end of the day when they see a bus waiting at the hospital bus stop. There has already been a minor accident. When the eastbound 107 is packed with QE schoolboys in the mornings, it sometimes refuses to stop at the Arkley bus stop. Will you reconsider this change?


Answer for 307 bus 1

Answer for 307 bus 1

Answered By: 
The Mayor

You have asked a number of questions about route 307. I propose to answer them all below as there is some overlap between them. Before I do so I would like to say that TfL acknowledges the concerns of the passengers who previously could use route 307 to and from the Arkley Hotel. However, the scheme was designed to improve links between the Hospital, and both Barnet and Enfield, and responded to requests from a number of stakeholders. Route 307 is being well used to and from the Barnet General Hospital stop.

There are 5 main areas that your questions fall into:

Consultation I do not accept that the consultation was inadequate. TfL undertook a full consultation prior to the change, including with residents from Arkley. The summary of responses and issues raised is available here: https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/consultation-and-engagement/route-307. All responses were considered before the decision was made to proceed with the scheme.

The change was not announced two years before consultation. TfL decided to consult on the proposal in December 2010, and the consultation ran from 10 March to 15 April 2011. The scheme was then introduced in June 2012.

Route 107 Capacity and Reliability You have raised a number of concerns about insufficient capacity on route 107 in the Barnet area. TfL will investigate and inform you of the outcome. They are aware of some reliability issues on route 107, have been discussing these with the operator and will inform you of the outcome.

Capacity at Barnet General Hospital terminus The terminus at Barnet General Hospital has sufficient capacity for 2 buses on route 263 and 2 on route 307 to stand. No more than 2 buses on each route are scheduled to stand here so there is sufficient capacity to manage the services.

Demand on route 307 There are now around 400 passenger trips starting at the hospital on a typical weekday. Before the change, there were approximately 180 passengers boarding route 307 per weekday at the Arkley Hotel. Around 115 of these can use route 107 for their trip and approximately 65 now need to change buses at or before New Barnet to complete their journey.

Pedestrian Safety TfL accepts that children wanting to board the 307 now have to cross Wood Street in the afternoon. There is a zebra crossing across Wood Street at its junction with Queens Road (that leads to Queen Elizabeth School) that allows this to be done safely.