HGVs and unrealistic time slots

MQT on 2013-05-22
Session date: 
May 22, 2013
Question By: 
Jenny Jones
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Thank you for your answer to my question 691/2013. Will you consider changing the Minimum Performance Standards shown in the Service Specifications for bus route tenders so that speeding is a factor to be evaluated, alongside on-time performance? This will ensure that bus drivers are aware that they should not driver faster to make up time if running late.


Answer for HGVs and unrealistic time slots

Answer for HGVs and unrealistic time slots

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Bus drivers are responsible for driving their vehicles in a safe and smooth manner at all times. Operators are already monitored by TfL on a continuous basis on all aspects of driving quality, including the use of appropriate speed. This monitoring already forms part of the evaluation of contracts.