Mayor's Vision for Cycling (2)

MQT on 2013-05-22
Session date: 
May 22, 2013
Question By: 
Caroline Pidgeon
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


How many London Boroughs attended the planning conference that followed the announcement of your cycling vision? Please list them.


Answer for Mayor's Vision for Cycling (2)

Answer for Mayor's Vision for Cycling (2)

Answered By: 
The Mayor

An event, to which all boroughs were invited, was held on the day of the launch of my Vision for Cycling. With the nine central London boroughs, plus The Royal Parks, we have established a planning board for the Central London Grid of routes, which meets monthly, and intend to institute a similar arrangement for the Quietways programme. There will also be intensive bilateral discussions between TfL, the Cycling Commissioner and individual boroughs, which have already commenced.

All boroughs were invited to a stakeholder event on the 22 May 2013 where my Vision for Cycling and what it means to the London boroughs was presented.