Silvertown Crossing (2)

Plenary on 2013-10-09
Session date: 
October 9, 2013
Question By: 
John Biggs
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
Boris Johnson (Chair, TfL) and Sir Peter Hendy (Commissioner, TfL)


Regarding the Silvertown Crossing:i. Are you committed to ensuring that while capacity will grow there will be considerable mitigation to avoid this causing additional demand? ii. Are you considering in detail how its connections to the trunk road network will work? iii. Is the option for further tunnelling or road connections on the North side of the crossing being considered? iv. Are you looking at ways in which the traffic flows between Blackwall and Silvertown Crossings can be most efficiently and equitably shared?


Answer for Silvertown Crossing (2)

Answer for Silvertown Crossing (2)

Answered By: 
Boris Johnson (Chair, TfL) and Sir Peter Hendy (Commissioner, TfL)

i)       The Silvertown tunnel is planned to support the continuing growth of east London and is one of a number of major transport infrastructure projects that have been delivered or are being delivered across the wider area. Whilst the tunnel will increase capacity across the river, the impact of this will be mitigated by a combination of traffic and demand management measures, and the continued promotion of public transport and non-car modes. 

ii)     Yes. The connections will be carefully designed to ensure the tunnel safely and effectively connects with the strategic road network in east London, incorporating a facility to divert traffic between Blackwall and Silvertown crossings when required for planned and unplanned circumstances. 

iii)   The Silvertown tunnel is being planned as a new river crossing in east London and its primary purpose is to support growth and provide resilience. Whilst not actively looking at further tunnelling or road connections on the north side of the crossing, in light of population and employment forecasts, potential links to other enhancements that may come forward in future could be added at a later date. 

iv)   Silvertown tunnel is being planned to support growth and provide resilience to the Blackwall tunnel. A key part of this is the management of traffic between the two tunnels to ensure the most efficient use of the highway network overall, ensuring impacts on the travelling public are minimised.