Cycle parking

MQT on 2012-10-17
Session date: 
October 17, 2012
Question By: 
Caroline Pidgeon
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


In your answer to MQ2321/2012 you stated that TfL is investing in a London wide cycle parking programme. Please provide the following details: the number of cycle parking spaces installed by TfL since 2008. the number of cycle parking spaces installed by TfL broken down by Borough.


Answer for Cycle parking

Answer for Cycle parking

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Between 2008/09 and 2011/12, 37,669 cycle parking spaces have been directly funded by TfL. These spaces have been delivered on TfL's own assets including the TLRN, London Underground, London Overground and Docklands Light Railway stations and also at schools, Train Operating Company and Network Rail operated stations, private businesses and employers and on borough land across the whole of the capital.

TfL records the total number of cycle parking spaces delivered for each of the programme areas for which it provides funding, but it does not hold this information on a borough by borough basis. Hence I am therefore unable to provide you with the specific breakdown you request.

It should also be noted, however, that between 2008/09 and 2011/12 the London boroughs have delivered 28,914 cycle parking spaces using their Local Implementation Plan funding. This information is submitted annually to TfL and is recorded on a borough by borough basis. I have provided a breakdown in the attached appendix.