Red Tape Challenge

MQT on 2012-09-19
Session date: 
September 19, 2012
Question By: 
Nicky Gavron
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Did the Mayor respond to the Government's 'red tape challenge'? If so, please provide the document.


Answer for Red Tape Challenge

Answer for Red Tape Challenge

Answered By: 
The Mayor

I fully support the Government's Red Tape Challenge with its aim of reducing the regulatory burden placed on the private and voluntary sectors. The Challenge is aimed at gathering companies' and individuals' experience with red tape; therefore the GLA has not made a written submission. However, I have made many other representations to Government on the need to reduce red tape and create a freer environment for businesses to operate. I have raised it in ministerial meetings and I am contributing to the Heseltine Review on pro-growth policies. My Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse has met with several BIS Ministers to make the same point. I have also ensured the GLA does its bit to reduce red tape, for example through the simplification of the planning process.