What's Affordable Housing (Supplementary) [2]

Session date: 
July 4, 2012
Question By: 
Nicky Gavron
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


What I want to go back to is that I applaud you wanting to provide a lot of social rented housing, but all our housing associations tell us that the take home pay or the income that most of their tenants have is £15,000. You are now, this is a quote, you have now said there will be no grants funding for social rented housing in the 2011 2015 spending round. It is true there are some social rented houses in that round but they are hangovers from the last round. You have said yourself that you are merging the two and there will be very little social rented housing.

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Answer for What's Affordable Housing (Supplementary) [2]

Answer for What's Affordable Housing (Supplementary) [2]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): No, there will be

Nicky Gavron (AM): So I want to suggest to you that, if you do not change this, if you do not lobby Government, you will actually be the Mayor that is ending the building of social rented housing.

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): No. About three quarters, just to help you, in the period 2011 2015, about three quarters of all the new rented homes will be at or close to traditional social rent levels. I am determined to make sure that is the case and where I would agree with you is that this is the time now to be more ambitious and really to make the case to Government that London needs. This will drive the whole UK economy, if we can get this whole thing right, we get loads of people into work, we can boost the London economy massively and get Britain moving.