Efficiency in the Met Police (Supplementary) [1]

Session date: 
March 14, 2012
Question By: 
Len Duvall OBE
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Surely, Mr Mayor, you would be talking about the new model you and your deputy have been, I think, on the defence as against your interventions over the Leveson inquiry and the police investigation that has been on the grounds of efficiency and effectiveness in the Police Service, so can you please explain to us why, and when you tell the Police Service to row back, stop, it is a load of codswallop, and why, on a number of occasions, your deputy tells the Police Service not to pursue other resources into a lawful investigations against allegations of breaking laws, corruptions in public office; why do you support big business and why it should be immune from a police investigation?


Answer for Efficiency in the Met Police (Supplementary) [1]

Answer for Efficiency in the Met Police (Supplementary) [1]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): I do not at all. Do you want me to answer, Jennette?

Jennette Arnold (Chair): Just a moment. I have a point of order.

Steve O'Connell (AM): Yes. I have to say, Chair, the question from Mr Duvall has no relation whatsoever to my original question, so it should be ruled out.

Jennette Arnold (Chair): It is ruled in. Can I have an answer to the question? It is in order.

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): Yes, certainly. Let me answer then by saying that actually the Operation Weeting and all the operations that are being conducted now by the police need to be prosecuted with the utmost vigour till everybody who has been responsible for either trying to corrupt the police or any other public service by paying them, or anything like that that has been going on in journalism needs to be rooted out. If you remember, there have certainly been occasions earlier on in the process when I think both Deputy Mayor Kit [Malthouse] and I were being advised by the police themselves that there was no new stuff on this, no new evidence, nothing more to investigate and it was in that context that questions were legitimately asked about how many people were engaged in the operations. What everybody wants, I think, what everybody wants to see is --

Len Duvall (AM): What about more recently, Mr Mayor?

Jennette Arnold (Chair): Sorry. Can he just finish what he is saying.

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): I think what everybody wants to see is this business pursued until the very end and every conceivable culprit in public services, in the police, who has been taking money from the press and every journalist who has been involved in trying to corrupt public officials, I think everybody wants to see those people arrested and brought to justice and everybody who had been covering up, packing it and all the rest of it, arrested and brought to justice, but I think what most people also want to see is the police able to get on with bringing down crime across London in our streets and neighbourhood.

Len Duvall (AM): Mr Mayor, a simple yes or no. So you do not support resources being moved away from this investigation, from the narrative you have just given to this Assembly, in answer to my question.

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): Of course not. I am not involved in taking operational decisions about what resources are committed to what projects. What we have to do is ensure Londoners are getting value for money and that crime is coming down.