Fuel Poverty

MQT on 2012-03-14
Session date: 
March 14, 2012
Question By: 
Len Duvall
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Estimates that fuel poverty could increase by 40%, from one in four to one in three households; by 2016 is worrying news to many across London. Will the Mayor offer his support to the Energy Bill Revolution campaign and calls for government to link green taxes to low carbon investment programmes?


Answer for Fuel Poverty

Answer for Fuel Poverty

Answered By: 
The Mayor

I am committed to tackling fuel poverty in London. My Know Your Rights campaign at the end of 2011 highlighted the support available to Londoners to keep warm this winter, and some of the areas targeted under the London-wide RE:NEW homes energy efficiency programme have high levels of fuel poverty.

I support the case that the income that Government receives from programmes to reduce carbon emissions should be re-invested in programmes which support further CO2 emissions reductions.