Cable theft from TfL property

MQT on 2011-10-12
Session date: 
October 12, 2011
Question By: 
Caroline Pidgeon
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


What measures are you putting in place to ensure there is no more cable theft from TfL property, which not only causes disruption for passengers, but is very costly to replace?


Answer for Cable theft from TfL property

Answer for Cable theft from TfL property

Answered By: 
The Mayor

TfL takes cable theft extremely seriously and is working closely with the British Transport Police (BTP) to minimise this criminal activity through the best possible vigilance and response.

BTP officers use various tactics, including covert operations and community based intelligence, to crack down on those whose actions can disrupt services and cause delays to passengers. This includes reacting to reports of potential theft, which has led to criminals being caught in the act on a number of occasions. The 12,000 CCTV cameras on the LU also increase the likelihood of catching anyone committing a criminal offence.

TfL has also developed a strategy for dealing with metal theft in conjunction with the BTP. This focuses on:

• Enforcement, alongside the BTP • Implementing improvements to security infrastructure where cost effective • Monitoring incidents of metal theft and assessing their impacts on service reliability • Engaging with relevant stakeholders • Educating people about the impacts, risks and dangers of cable theft via TfL Safety and Citizenship, where appropriate.

This is a growing priority for TfL, given the current supply and demand situation for metal, both in the UK and internationally.