DLR Stratford International extension

MQT on 2011-10-12
Session date: 
October 12, 2011
Question By: 
John Biggs
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


While welcoming its eventual opening, can you both explain and apologise to Londoners for the delay? Given that you never seem to hesitate to claim credit when anything is on time, or early, do you think Londoners might be justified to be cynical about your commitment to serve them when, Macavity-like, you are silent about any failure?


Answer for DLR Stratford International extension

Answer for DLR Stratford International extension

Answered By: 
The Mayor

DLR has a good record of delivering projects to time or early and an impeccable record on delivering to budget.

The delay in opening the Stratford International DLR extension was caused by the joint contractors, Skanska and Volker Rail, taking longer than expected to progress some technical aspects of the project, such as the design and installation of the communications system. As this contract was on a 'design and build' basis the contractors had to absorb all the extra costs and also pay penalties to TfL for the delay.

While of course it is disappointing that the extension opened later than planned, it has still opened a year in advance of the Olympics and will provide a lasting legacy for East London and these two objectives have been achieved. The new extension has already proved to be a great success and is carrying around 100,000 passengers a week.