Pedestrian crossings

MQT on 2011-09-14
Session date: 
September 14, 2011
Question By: 
Caroline Pidgeon
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Further to MQ (1918/2011), please can you confirm that by March 2012 TfL will ensure that all TfL controlled pedestrian crossings will meet the two separate guidance standards relating to: a) the minimum time that should be granted for pedestrians to safely cross the road b) pedestrian crossings having an audible signal and/or a rotating cone to assist blind and visually impaired people?


Answer for Pedestrian crossings

Answer for Pedestrian crossings

Answered By: 
The Mayor

As outlined in the answer to your previous question, 1918/2011, TfL has been updating signals in line with Department for Transport (DfT) guidance. This approach has hugely reduced the number of remaining sites which do not currently meet current DfT guidance on signal timings, at a minimal cost to the tax payer.

In 2010 there were 218 non compliant sites to be updated. At present there are only 122. In line with recommendation 4 of the 'Walk this Way' report TfL stated that 74 of the remaining 122 sites were programmed to be completed by April 2012, and a commitment was made that the remaining 48 would be added to existing programmes for completion by the end of financial year 2012/13, at which point all upgraded sites will align with DfT guidance and have an audible signal and/or a rotating cone.