LEZ3, draft AQS and WEZ consultations

MQT on 2010-07-14
Session date: 
July 14, 2010
Question By: 
Mike Tuffrey
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Why have none of the LEZ3, draft AQS or WEZ consultations included a detailed assessment of the impact of your proposals on: breaches of the limit values for nitrogen dioxide (NO2); the need not to exceed such limit values anywhere once attained (e.g. attained in 2010); and the need to keep annual mean concentrations of NO2 below 60 micrograms per cubic metre if a time extension is obtained on NO2?


Answer for LEZ3, draft AQS and WEZ consultations

Answer for LEZ3, draft AQS and WEZ consultations

Answered By: 
The Mayor

In the development of my draft Air Quality Strategy, concentration modelling for NO2 was carried out for 2015 as this is the year that, if the extension is granted, the EU limit value will apply.

The focus of the first four phases of the LEZ scheme is primarily on reducing PM10 and thus the assessment of the impact of the proposed deferral of the third phase of LEZ reflected this. However, the impact on emissions of NOx was also set out. The assessment for the removal of WEZ looked at 2011 and focused mostly on PM10 as this is the year by which the EU limit values will apply should an extension be granted. However, estimates of the resulting change in NOx emissions were also provided. In the context of the EU limit values for NO2 the removal of WEZ would not have a significant impact - the challenge for NO2 is much broader across London, and the removal of WEZ would not significantly affect any areas where the 40 ug m-3 limit value is achieved as these are located at background locations away from roads.

The draft Air Quality Strategy proposes a wide range of policies to reduce the emissions of various sectors in order to move towards meeting the EU Limit values and deliver health benefits for Londoners. Wider problems are recognised in terms of meeting NO2 limit values by 2015 and the Strategy highlights that additional Government action would be required. Next year, it is likely that the Government will apply to the European Commission for an extension to 2015 of the date for achievement of NO2 limit values in the UK. As part of that application, the Government will have to include action plans showing how the limit values will be achieved across the country by that date and how the 60 µg/m3 margin of tolerance will be met in the interim period. The GLA will work closely with the Government to develop a joint action plan for London.