Local Elections (Supplementary) [4]

Session date: 
May 19, 2010
Question By: 
Richard Barnbrook
British National Party
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Laugh it up fuzzballs. I do not think anybody here got anything out of these elections at all. As regards the Conservative/Liberal Democrats, let us give it 6 months or 12 years.

Moving to the question, through yourself, Chair, would the Mayor agree that where electoral fraud takes place it should be investigated? I, along with the British National Party in Barking and Dagenham, with 100 cases of direct electoral fraud, are now going through the electoral petition. Regarding my own ward of Goresbrook, a Labour candidate elected was unduly elected because she works for the council. Her excuse is, 'Terribly sorry. My agent did not inform me that I cannot stand for the council if employed by a council'. The fact is, dear old John [John Biggs AM] and Boris [Johnson], I will be back in Goresbrook, elected by the council, if the electorate decides that fraud is not acceptable in Barking and Dagenham and they duly elect me again.

As regards two more years, if you look at the vote in London for the BNP, you will find that --

Dee Doocey (Chair): Your question, Mr Barnbrook?

Richard Barnbrook (AM): The question is, Boris, do you really think it is possible that we will not be elected when the election returns for this year's elections show an increase for the British National Party, across London, and therefore one, maybe two people, will be elected to the GLA in 2012?

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Answer for Local Elections (Supplementary) [4]

Answer for Local Elections (Supplementary) [4]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Dee Doocey (Chair): Mr Mayor?

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): Yes, Chair, I do think it is possible that that will not happen.