Olympic Route Network (Supplementary) [3]

Session date: 
November 18, 2009
Question By: 
Victoria Borwick
GLA Conservatives
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The Mayor


Thanks very much indeed. I think the point is that the Javelin takes seven minutes from St Pancras to Stratford so it does not really matter what fancy car you try to use in replacement, nothing is as fast, of course, as that. Of course part of our bid was won on the fact that we were going to demonstrate how excellent London transport was and I hope that, therefore, you will use this opportunity - and every other opportunity - to go back to LOCOG and the rest to encourage people to use London transport.

I picked, as our example, the Javelin, because of course it does transport, I think, 250,000 people an hour so it is only going to take two hours for all your people to get to wherever they need to get to because they do not all need to get there at the same time.

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Answer for Olympic Route Network (Supplementary) [3]

Answer for Olympic Route Network (Supplementary) [3]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

You have to get the athletes to St Pancras is one of the problems. I am with you but I just do not want to pretend to you that this can be done.

Victoria Borwick (AM): I think my idea is only one idea in a pot. I think the point is it is just one idea of making sure that we do look to every opportunity of maximising the use of London transport, which obviously was part of how we won the bid, rather than just putting in Zil lanes which, I think, are going to be confrontational and are going to upset Londoners. We have just talked about the need for trying to keep Londoners onside and so I do think it is important. I think the Javelin is going to be an excellent service. Zil lanes are very controversial but I am reassured that you are going to continue to write to the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and IOC to highlight the advantages of alternatives, rather than putting everybody in fancy and expensive cars.

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): Yes. I would just repeat that there is a limit to what we think we can accomplish in transferring athletes around by public transport. They will have to be moved from their venues where they may have been successful or whatever, to the medal ceremonies, in quite tough timescales. They also require being transported in a fairly regular and predictable way from their place of wherever they are staying overnight, to the training place and to the venue where they are being asked to perform. I think to ask them to wait on the platform and be subject to any vagaries that may occur in public transport, excellent though it will of course be, is running a risk.

Victoria Borwick (AM): I do think it is important though. It is a fantastic opportunity for Britain to show - and London to show - what a fantastic public transport system we have. The Javelin is going to be an example of that and I merely urge you to encourage as much use of that, rather than just relying on Zil lanes.

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): Of course. The Javelin will play a major role in transport for the Olympics, of course.

Victoria Borwick (AM): Thank you.