Olympic Route Network (Supplementary) [1]

Session date: 
November 18, 2009
Question By: 
Kit Malthouse
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


TfL is spending over £100 million on upgrading Green Park Tube Station --

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Answer for Olympic Route Network (Supplementary) [1]

Answer for Olympic Route Network (Supplementary) [1]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

£94 million.

Gareth Bacon (AM): £97 million.

Kit Malthouse (AM): That is before overruns. They are also spending several hundred million pounds on upgrading the Jubilee Line. When you meet Mr Rogge would it be possible for you to try to negotiate with him that any Olympic officials who are staying in the West End, in my constituency, would use the Jubilee Line to go to and from the Stratford site, rather than use any of the limousines that may be laid on for them?

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): All these points I can assure you, Kit, will be made to the IOC. You are right about the Jubilee Line; the Jubilee Line is going to be, eventually, substantially improved. When they finally get their act together we are going to have a massive increase in capacity on the Jubilee Line and it would be quite wrong of the Olympic family to ignore that that will be, easily, the best way for them for getting from Piccadilly to Stratford.

Kit Malthouse (AM): I think the point is that Londoners will find it easy to understand why an athlete, who is preparing for the greatest moment of their lives, would rather have the certainty of a car that rely on public transport, but may react more adversely to a grey suited official swishing past them on a lane.

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): Absolutely right. This is the whole Zil lane idea. We want to create in the public mind the idea of this nomenclature of faceless former Scandinavian weightlifters and so on who are all being conveyed in luxury through the streets of London --

Kit Malthouse (AM): Or John Prescott even, who has been known to use special lanes of his own in the past.

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): All I would say, dear gentle Members of the London Assembly, is that, actually, the numbers do not quite stack up. The total number of athletes is very, very considerably more than the total number of grey suited former Belgian weightlifters.

Kit Malthouse (AM): OK.

Darren Johnson (Chair): Thank you. We will now move on to the next question and, for this, I am going to hand the Chair over to the Deputy Chair.

[Deputy Chair, Jennette Arnold AM, in the Chair.]