One million holes in London - Southwark

MQT on 2009-11-18
Session date: 
November 18, 2009
Question By: 
Valerie Shawcross
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Southwark Chamber of Commerce are very anxious about the delays and frustrations to their businesses caused by the large number of road works going on in the borough at the same moment. When and how were Southwark invited to participate in the scheme? What reason has the LB Southwark Given for not engaging with the planned roadwork's permit scheme?


Answer for One million holes in London - Southwark

Answer for One million holes in London - Southwark

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The London Borough of Southwark was first made aware of the Scheme in March 2008. It is for each Borough to decide if and when they wish to operate the Scheme. Southwark has expressed an interest in joining the next tranche to apply to operate the Scheme and I would encourage them to do so. Southwark will need to prepare a cost benefit analysis for submission to the Department for Transport as part of their application and TfL has offered to support them as necessary.