Olympic ticketing - local residents (Supplementary) [3]

Session date: 
November 18, 2009
Question By: 
Jennette Arnold OBE
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


I just want to say, quickly, I had the pleasure, two weeks ago, of introducing some of the residents that have been spoken about here this morning, to Her Majesty the Queen, and they did not seek to ask any favours and they will not, I am sure, appreciate the experience they have had, some of it quite ghastly, just explored here this morning in this haphazard way.

Both Members are right; there are issues to talk about, but I would just hope that the Mayor would consider that this issue does not rest with one Member and that there are other people who have been campaigning and who have been working. I talk about the borough leaders, the representatives, who have been working on this. Also, we have raised this with LOCOG at our last meeting with it, and we got some assurances there that this was being met. I just do object to this ad hoc way that this is being treated --


Answer for Olympic ticketing - local residents (Supplementary) [3]

Answer for Olympic ticketing - local residents (Supplementary) [3]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

I think that is a very good point. OK.

Jennette Arnold (Deputy Chair): -- and I would ask you, that whatever plans you receive, that you look to deal with this in a strategic way and show some leadership.

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): As you can imagine, we are working very hard to get the ticketing right over the next year or so. As I said, in a world scoop that you all seem to have missed, there will be an announcement in March and you will see some very interesting proposals there.

Can I humbly recommend to the Assembly that this is, I think, going to be something of very, very keen interest to everybody's constituents. Everybody is going to have a view on this. This is something that is going to engross Londoners. People are going to want to know how we are going to do the ticketing, what the pricing is, how it is going to work, where you can get them and who is going to get special treatment. This is going to be fantastically politically important. There is going to be infinite opportunity for pointless political point scoring of all kinds.

Can I humbly suggest to you that what you do is that you get together a group, possibly under Dee - I do not know who would be the logical person to organise, but there should be some sort of Assembly preparation and some sort of Assembly view about what the ticketing arrangements might or might not be. I think you should, at least, be drawing up a series of options for consideration by LOCOG. I can do it directly, bilaterally, with LOCOG and of course I am being regularly consulted about what the proposals are, but I put it to you that you would be very well placed, now, to get your views across.

Darren Johnson (Chair): Can we just point out that the Assembly's Economic Development and Culture and Sport Committee is the lead committee looking at this, which Dee [Doocey] chairs.

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): Well there you go

Darren Johnson (Chair): It would be helpful, in terms of getting any plans, if they could come in in early March, rather than late March, so that they do not get in the way of the election and the purdah period and they can be scrutinised properly. Can we have that commitment from you, Mayor?

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): I cannot give any commitment about the exact date because I am afraid I do not know it. It is under discussion at the moment.