CCTV on buses

MQT on 2009-09-09
Session date: 
September 9, 2009
Question By: 
Caroline Pidgeon
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Will you please ask TfL to review how long they and bus operators hold CCTV records? At present it is policy to only hold records for one week, and this may not be long enough for it to be recognised that there be a need to look at footage following incidents on buses.


Answer for CCTV on buses

Answer for CCTV on buses

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The length of time that footage from bus CCTV cameras is retained is currently dependent on the size of the hard drive fitted to the bus. Typically data would begin to be overwritten after seven to ten days.

TfL has worked with the MPS and bus operators to develop CCTV operating procedures and training standards for CCTV analysts to ensure that footage provided to the MPS is of evidential standard. The MPS is satisfied with this retention period.

TfL carries out a continuous programme of audits of the bus operators' CCTV Control Suites to ensure compliance with these operating procedures. Further improvements are currently being made to the interfaces between TfL, the bus operators and the MPS through the introduction of a new 'Single Point of Contact' arrangement. The aim is to reduce lead times for police requests for CCTV footage.

There is no doubt that on-bus CCTV has made a major contribution to not only solving specific crimes but also in contributing to the 30% reduction in the overall level of crime on London's bus network.