Railings and barrier removal consultation

Plenary on 2009-12-09
Session date: 
December 9, 2009
Question By: 
Valerie Shawcross
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
Boris Johnson (Chair, TfL) and Sir Peter Hendy (Commissioner, TfL)


What is TfL doing to ensure that local residents in general and visually impaired residents in particular, are informed and consulted about plans to remove sections of kerbside railings and barriers on TfL red routes?


Answer for Railings and barrier removal consultation

Answer for Railings and barrier removal consultation

Answered By: 
Boris Johnson (Chair, TfL) and Sir Peter Hendy (Commissioner, TfL)

The Mayor made clear in his election manifesto that he would instruct TfL to review the use of guard rail throughout the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) to improve the look and feel of London, and remove it wherever it was not providing a clear safety benefit.TfL is implementing this pledge, and in each case undertakes a stringent risk assessment to confirm whether the guard railing provides a clear safety benefit. The results of these assessments, in addition to consultation with the local borough, then inform TfL's decision for removal or retention of the guard rail. Where a risk assessment recommends that guard railing be removed, there is an audit of the safety implications of doing so by TfL's London Road Safety Unit.Thousands of guard rail sites are being assessed for removal. In order to ensure that TfL can manage any objections to removal at such a large number of simultaneous locations efficiently, the local borough is consulted so that they may provide TfL with their extensive local knowledge, including views expressed by local stakeholders, rather than approaching residents or residents' associations directly on each occasion. Any comments or feedback offered by the local borough are then considered and reviewed prior to any removal.There is a further safety audit following removal of guard railing, and any comments received from residents are included in this audit. This further audit ensures that the decision to remove the guard railing was correct.